IPL Quiz 1

See how much you know about IPL (Indian Premiere League) by playing this quiz.

Who has scored maximum number of centuries in IPL all seasons?

1. Virat Kohli
2. David Warner
3. AB De Villiers
4. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle has scored 6 centuries

Whereas Virat Kohli has scored 5,  David Warner has scored 4 and AB De Villiers has scored 3 centuries.

Which of these Indian players couldn't win Orange Cap till date?

1. Sachin Tendulkar
2. Rohit Sharma
3. Virat Kohli
4. Robin Uthappa

Rohit Sharma Has never won an orange cap till date

Sachin Tendulkar won the orange cap in 2010, Robin Uthappa won in 2014 and Virat Kohli won in 2016

Which Player has won Orange Cap for maximum number of times in all seasons?

1. Chris Gayle
2. Kane Williamson
3. Virat Kohli
4. David Warner

David Warner, Has won it 3 times

Chris Gayle has won it 2 times, Whereas Kane Williamson and Virat Kohli has won it 1 times each.

Who has scored the maximum number of runs in any of the seasons in IPL?

1. David Warner
2. Chris Gayle
3. Virat Kohli
4. Kane Williamson

Virat Kohli has scored maximum runs 973 in 2016

Kane Williamson Scored 735 (2018), Chris Gayle scored 733 (2012) and David Warner 692 (2019)

Who has scored fastest 50 in all seasons in IPL?

1. KL Rahul
2. Chris Gayle
3. Sunile Narine
4. Suresh Raina

KL Rahul Holds the record for IPL's fastest 50 in just 14 balls

Sunil Narine scored it in 15 balls, Suresh Raina in 16 and Chris Gayle in 17

Which Indian has taken highest number of wickets in all IPL put together?

1. Harbhajan Singh
2. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar
3. Piyush Chawla
4. Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra has taken 157 Wickets

Harbhajan Singh 150, Piyush Chawla 150 and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar 133

Who took maximum number of wickets in any IPL season?

1. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar
2. Imran Tahir
3. Dwayne Bravo
4. Lasith Malinga

Dwayne Bravo took maximum 32 number of wickets in any IPL Season

Lasith Malinga took 28 wickets, Whereas Imran Tahir and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar took 26 wickets each.

Which IPL witnessed maximum number of participating teams?

1. 2010
2. 2011
3. 2012
4. 2013

In the year 2011 total 10 teams participated in IPL

9 Teams participated in the years 2012 & 2013 while 8 teams participated in the year 2010

Which team has never reached Finals of any IPL season?

1. Kings XI Punjab
2. Royal Challengers Bangalore
3. Delhi Capitals
4. Sunrisers Hyderabad

Delhi Capitals has never reached the finals of IPL in any season

Kings XI Punjab, Royal Challengers Bangalore & Sunrisers Hyderabad have reached the finals of the IPL

In Which IPL was played in South Africa ?

1. 2012
2. 2011
3. 2009
4. 2008

In 2009, IPL was played in South Africa

Whereas in the years 2008, 2011, 2012 It was played in India

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IPL Quiz 1

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