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English Premier League could be back and running within a few weeks:

Will Liverpool be crowned?

English Premier League could be back and running within a few weeks:

Premier League football could be back on TV within weeks — in a major boost for bored Brits.

Boris Johnson has been briefed on plans for matches to be played behind closed doors and sees the resumption of live sport as key to boosting the moral of the nation after weeks of being shut inside.

Other football leagues, tennis, cricket and horse racing could also resume under detailed proposals to be thrashed out between ministers, Public Health England officials and sporting bodies.

Government insiders said it was likely that the EFL would start later because of the logistic and financial challenges.

Sport is considered one of the first activities that can return after the coronavirus lockdown as it is simple to control compared to reopening pubs, theatres or cinemas.

But first the Government would have to meet its five restart tests — including cutting death and infection rates.

Football is just around the corner.



The issue will be on the table when ministers review the current set of social distancing measures ahead of the next review on May 7.

Officials have already begun drawing up plans with sports bodies for sport to resume, as soon as advice from health officials indicates that it can proceed safely.

Players, staff and officials in Germany are facing strict hygiene measures before they enter stadia.

They will have to confirm they have no COVID-19 symptoms in the previous 14 days, and detail any tests they have taken.

Dressing rooms will have to be equipped with hygienic facilities and be disinfected.

Several buses would be needed to transport players and staff.

In Germany nobody is allowed on a bus unless they are wearing a face mask.

Players might even be required to wait until they are back home before they shower.

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